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Product image 1RAISED FIST 'BOTSWANA' — Coffee Mug
Product image 2RAISED FIST 'BOTSWANA' — Coffee Mug
Product image 3RAISED FIST 'BOTSWANA' — Coffee Mug
Product image 4RAISED FIST 'BOTSWANA' — Coffee Mug
Product image 5RAISED FIST 'BOTSWANA' — Coffee Mug
Product image 6RAISED FIST 'BOTSWANA' — Coffee Mug

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This coffe mug from Natty Wear is made of ceramic. The front print portrays a raised fist in the colors of the Botswanan, also known Batswana, flag. The raised fist is a symbol that is commonly used by various groups and movements to express unity, pride, solidarity, power, and support for a shared political cause. It is also invoked by patriotic freedom fighters struggling to obtain or sustain a nation based on a shared cultural heritage.

— Made of ceramic
— Dishwasher and microwave safe
— Printed with certified water-based and eco-friendly ink

Care Instructions:
This item is dishwasher safe.

Brought to you by Natty Wear — Vibrant fashion with African roots!

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