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Live shipping rates:

Overnight (next day delivery in the United States)

Express (1-3 business days in the United States, Canada, and internationally)

Standard (3-5 business days in the United States and internationally, 3-6 days in Canada)

Economy (5-8 business days in the United States, 6-12 days in Canada, 5-10 days internationally)

No rush (10-20 business days internationally)

Flat rate (5-8 business days in the United States, 6-12 days in Canada, 5-20 days internationally)


All of the shipping rates are carrier-calculated in real-time.


Orders with flat rate selected will ship with the least expensive shipping method available (economy or no rush).


We choose the most suitable and reliable carrier for your shipment, taking into account the shipping method that’s been selected and the end-address. You’ll see the specific carrier delivering the package in the order confirmation email.


Note that economy, no rush, and flat rate shipping options may not have tracking available. Overnight, express, and standard options will always have tracking.


Another thing to keep in mind is that not all methods will always show up for all orders, for example, overnight shipping is only available for orders going to an address in the United States. Only the methods available for the particular address will show up at the checkout.



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