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Environmental policy

Ever since we started in 2006, a big part of our mission and vision has been to be an organic and eco-friendly fashion label. We aim to provide all our designs on clothing and apparel that are organic or eco-friendly in order to have as low of a negative impact on the environment as possible. The work to achieve this goal starts already at the beginning of the production and remains a priority all the way until the delivery of the products. We firmly believe that being an eco-friendly fashion brand is beneficial for us as well as for our customers. Reducing our ecological footprint is an ongoing process and we still have a lot of work to do and a long way to go. Here below are some of the decisions we’ve made and acted on in our production cycle:

Water reduction in the dyeing process

All our Premium T-shirts and Premium Tank Tops are dyed using new and efficient dye machines that reduce water consumption in the dyeing process. This allows us to use seven times less water in comparison to the industrial average for clothing manufacturers. All water that we use in this process goes through a filtration system afterward that allows for it to be recycled. All our Premium T-shirts and Premium Tank Tops are dyed in California where we adhere to the most strict EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations. The dyes that we use are bluesign® certified which guarantees that they are eco-friendly.

Energy reduction by the use of Solar power

The sewing and cutting facilities that are used for producing our Premium T-shirts and Premium Tank Tops are powered by Solar energy and the buildings are equipped with motion-sensor LED lighting, which allows us to use nine times less energy in comparison to the average for traditional lightning.

Zero waste vision

The manufacturing facilities that are used for producing our Premium T-shirts and Premium Tank Tops produce almost no landfill. This is achieved by an extended recycling program where almost everything that can't be turned into a T-shirt or Tank Top is recycled. The cutting process is optimized in order to reduce the use of plastic. The leftover fabric is recycled and used to make baby bibs and stuffing for upholstery. All orders that we receive are processed digitally in order to minimize the use of paper and all plastic, bottles, and paper that we can not recycle ourselves are collected and brought to a recycling center in order to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Printing process

All our printed clothing and apparel are created using the latest in garment printing technology with inks that are water-based and eco-friendly. This makes the printed garment feel softer to the touch than traditional screen printed garment but just as durable. We are using genuine Brother GT-3 water-based pigment ink, which is CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) compliant and Oeko-Tex™ certified. This ink is safe for use on children’s clothing, reduces environmental waste and provides a high colorfast AAATCC rating of 4.


We are sourcing eco-friendly packaging materials that are either recyclable or biodegradable. The bubble wraps that we are using are made from a minimum of 15% recycled plastic and 10% post-consumer recycled content and the kraft tubes are made from a minimum of 70% post-consumer recycled content.


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